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The Art of Self-Defense

The Art of Self-Defense
Score: 4.88 / 10
Released: July 19, 2019
Director: Riley Stearns
Producer: Andrew Kortschak, Cody Ryder, Stephanie Whonsetler, Walter Kortschak
Studio: Pacific Northwest Pictures
Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Alessandro Nivola, Imogen Poots
Genre: Comedy
Length: 104 minutes

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The Art of Self-Defense Overview

Casey (Jesse Eisenberg), a meek and timid man, is attacked at random on the street. He subsequently enrolls at a local dojo led by a charismatic and mysterious sensei (Alessandro Nivola), in an effort to learn how to defend himself.

What he uncovers is a sinister world of fraternity, violence and hypermasculinity and a woman (Imogen Poots) fighting for her place in it. Casey undertakes a journey, both frightening and darkly funny, that will place him squarely in the sights of his enigmatic new mentor.


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